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ALEX (Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger)



ALEX is the trade name of a brazed aluminum heat exchanger developed independently by Kobe Steel in 1963 for use as the regenerator in air separation plants. Kobe Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of brazed aluminum heat exchangers and is the top user of ALEX. We also own the air separation plants technology within our group. Behind ALEX is the fusion of Kobe Steel’s comprehensive technologies.

Application Examples

  1. For low Temperature Industries
    • Air separation plants
    • Ethylene plants
    • LNG plants
    • LPG plants
    • Gas processing plants (including the recovery of C2 and C3)
    • H2recovery plants
  2. For Chemical Industries
  3. For Oil Refinery Plants
  4. For Industrial Machines


  1. Compactness
    • Simple configuration
    • Large heat transfer area per unit volume
    • Aluminum alloy construction
  2. Good Economy
    • Mass production facilitated by standardized components and common work processes
    • Reduced installation area and lower construction costs owing to the use of modular fabrication
    • Reduced start-up time
  3. Wide Range of Application
    • Wide range of heat exchange processes including condensation and vaporization
    • Allows the addition or removal of fluid during the heat exchange operation with multifluids
    • Efficient extraction of heavy gas component from multigas mixtures
  4. Strength
    • Sufficiently strong to withstand repeated stress and thermal shock
    • Applicable under high pressures up to 13 MPa
  5. Low-temperature
    • Aluminum alloy structure allows operation at a very low temperature of -269°C

System Products Using ALEX

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