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Outside view of Diffusion Bonded compact=

Outside view of Diffusion-bonded
Compact Heat Exchanger

The Diffusion-bonded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE) is a compact type heat changer noted for the following features.

Excellent pressure and temperature resistance
Up to 100 MPa or 900°C with optimization of the material and channel size.
Remarkable compact size
90% reduction in plot area compared with multitubular heat exchangers, with high heat transfer performance.
High corrosion resistance
Using stainless steel and other materials, the heat exchanger can be used in a wide range of applications.

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  • Micro Channel Heat Exchanger and Micro Channel Reactor Brochure
  • Modeling of Kobe's High Performance Heat Exchangers and Microchannel Reactors
  • General information on DCHE

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