Outside view of Diffusion Bonded compact. Compact heat exchanger for gas processing DCHE is a compact printed circuit heat exchanger developed by KOBELCO, especially suitable for FGSS and NGL.

Outside view of Diffusion-bonded
Compact Heat Exchanger

The Diffusion-bonded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE) is a trademark of KOBELCO’s Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE) which is a compact type heat exchanger noted for the following features.

Excellent pressure and temperature resistance
Up to 100 MPa or 650°C with optimization of the material and channel size.
Remarkable compact size
90 % reduction in plot area compared with multitubular heat exchangers, with high heat transfer performance.
High corrosion resistance
Using stainless steel and other materials, the heat exchanger can be used in a wide range of applications.


Diffusion Bonding

The Diffusion-bonded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE) is KOBELCO’s PCHE (Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger) which has significant compactness with excellent heat transfer performance and high pressure resistance.In a DCHE, several hundreds of plates are stacked, each with flow passages. Significant features are the flow passage size and joining. Flow passage diameters are each several millimeters in size, to ensure a large heat transfer area per unit volume of at least 1000 m2/m3. The joining is accomplished by diffusion bonding, which offers high pressure resistance up to 100 MPa.

Cross-sectional observation of diffusion bonding (SS-304L)

Cross-sectional observation of diffusion bonding (SS-304L)

* Diffusion bonding is defined as
"a method for joining comprising the steps of closely sticking base materials together and pressing these materials against each other at a temperature not exceeding their melting points, while suppressing their plastic deformation to a minimum, so as to cause the diffusion of atoms at the joining interface to complete the bonding."

Fabrication Flow

Fabrication flow and applicable code for DCHE are shown in below.
Stainless steel material is used as a standard material.

Fabrication flow.  DCHE is suitable for FGSS and NGL.

Applicable Code & Certificate


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