KOBELCO supports LEXUS TEAM SARD in Super GT Series

KOBELCO supports LEXUS TEAM SARD in the Super GT Series, an international car race. The Super GT Series of car races use street cars that have been significantly remodeled. The race began in 1994 as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship. Since 2005, Super GT has become an international event. About 500,000 people attend the races each year. Super GT is Japan's largest, most popular motor sport.

LEXUS TEAM SARD, a well-known team, has been participating in the competition since 1994. This challenging motor sport combines man and next-generation technology. As it shares similar concepts with monozukuri-ryoku (manufacturing capabilities), the source of KOBELCO's competitiveness, we decided to participate as a sponsor of the racing team in the 2012 season.

Race Results of the most recent

1st Round Okayama International Circuit

Qualifying : 15
Race Results : 11
Driver Ranking : 11

1st Okayama International Circuit 1

1st Okayama International Circuit 2

1st Okayama International Circuit 3

1st Okayama International Circuit 4

1st Okayama International Circuit 5

1st Okayama International Circuit 6

1st Okayama International Circuit 7

1st Okayama International Circuit 8

Race Schedule

Round Dates Circuit Name
(Prefecture or Country)
Race Results
/ Driver Ranking
1 Apr. 13 (Sat.) – 14 (Sun.) Okayama International Circuit (Okayama) 11 / 11
2 May. 3 (Fri.) – 4 (Sat.) Fuji Speedway (Shizuoka)
3 May. 20 (Sat.) – 26 (Sun.) Suzuka Circuit (Mie)
4 Jun. 29 (Sat.) – 30 (Sun.) Chang International Circuit (Thailand)
5 Aug. 3 (Sat.) – 4 (Sun.) Fuji Speedway (Shizuoka)
6 Sep. 7 (Sat.) – 8 (Sun.) Autopolis (Oita)
7 Sep. 21 (Sat.) – 22 (Sun.) Sportsland Sugo (Miyagi)
8 Nov. 2 (Sat.) – 3 (Sun.) Twin Ring Motegi (Tochigi)


ESPN Star Sports
Eurosport and Motors TV
North America
TV Tokyo & affiliates
SUPER GT+, every Sunday 23:30-24:00
BS Japan
SUPER GT+, every Sunday 10:30-11:00
GTV, mainly Saturdays and Sundays 480 hours/year

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