Pelletizing Mechanism

Pelletizing Mechanism illustation

Gear Pump (KNT Series)

Low Energy Consumption

The Kobe design gear pump raises the melt pressure with minimum power consumption and without increasing resin temperature. The gear pump has a high efficiency, good reliability and excellent metering performance.

Mixing Control through Suction pressure

The filling ratio of the second mixing section, namely the residence time, can be controlled by adjusting the gear pump speed which in turn regulates the suction pressure of the gear pump. Combination of this function together with LCM gate mechanism and two stage mixing rotors provides a wide range of mixing control.

Dual Type Screen Changer (KSD Series)

Easy Maintenance

Dual Type Screen Changer

Dual Type Screen Changer

Dual passage of the polymer through the twin bars means that screen changing may be done safely at low speed and without interruption to production. Moreover, once the screen pack has been replaced there is no need for cleaning of the breaker plate.

Low Pressure Loss

A split, curved, breaker plate design with a large open-area ratio helps to reduce pressure losses and increase screen-pack life (Patented)

Pelletizer (UP-N Series)

Automatic knife Pressing System

The 'pushing force' of the pelletizer knives against the die-plate is controlled automatically and may be adjusted simply according to polymer type. Thus making it easier to produce pellets of uniform geometry.

Cutter-Shaft Fixing System (Patented)

Die Plate

Die Plate

A cutter-shaft fixing system, which maintains the cutter-shaft position after setting the knife to the die-plate at an appropriate pressure, helps to reduce knife wear. In addition, the drive system having an extremely low vibration structure stabilized the cutter shaft rotation to provide good cutting quality.

Die Plate

Kobe can provide titanium carbide type die plate and tungsten carbide (WC) type die plate. Both of the Kobe developed die plates have excellent wear resistance, and high efficient heating with heat channel.

Good alignment of Knives and Die Plate

Drive housing is connected to the front flange of the Water chamber with four tie rods. Cooling water is supplied to the four tie rods so that temperature of the tie rods is kept uniform. The alignment of knives and Die plate is kept at a constant condition, because thermal deformation of water chamber is minimized.

Quick Clamp System

The water chamber and the die-plate can be connected and disconnected by automatic quick-clamps. These allow easy and quick operation during both start-up and maintenance procedures.

Cutter-Shaft Fixing System (Patented)

Cutter Shaft Clamping Mechanism (Patented)


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