LCM-EX - Extrusion Pelletizing System


Mixing Mechanism Pelletizing Mechanism

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LCM-EX Original features

Gear Reducer

Gear Reducer, originally developed by KOBE STEEL, ensures high-power and high-torque operation, and realizes high production capacity.

Mixing Rotor

The mixing rotors specifically designed by KOBE STEEL perform mixing and extrusion with excellent quality, low energy consumption and high production capacity.

Gate System

The Gate system enables adjustment of the degree of mixing. (Optional Item)

Gear Pump

The combination of LCM-EX and Gear Pump increases production capacity, particularly with high viscosity resins. (Optional Item)

Screen Changer

The Dual Type Screen Changer has larger filtration area and easy maintenance structure.

Under Water Pelletizer

The advanced Under Water Pelletizer adopts the Cutter-Shaft Fixing System which helps to reduce knife wear, and the Tie Rods Connecting System which ensures a good cutting position.

Die Plate

The Die Plate has good wear resistance and its heat channels are designed to maximize heating efficiently.


  • Homogenizing of Polymers
  • Blending of Polymers with Different Viscosities
  • Reactive Processing Polymer Extrusion
  • Degassing from Polymer Solutions
  • Large scale in-line compounding of fillers, pigments and composite polymers.

Typical Capacity of LCM-EX series

Typical Capacity of LCM-EX series



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