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Rolling Mill・Press Machine Foil / Sheet / Strip Mills

"Thinner, More accurate and Easier operation than ever"

Kobe Steel have been consistently pursuing the idea of "Thinner, More accurate and Easier operation than ever" in our rolling mill products. We brought all of our wisdom of mechanical, electrical, and operating technologies throughout Kobe Steel Group in designing and manufacturing the products.

As the results, our prominent products are widely used by those who produce ultra-thin foil and high quality and precise electronics materials, and have a great reputation with such customers.


Supply List (As of September.2011)

Kobe Steel has supplied rolling mills for stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and so on.

Flatness Indication System (FI) and Automatic Flatness Control System (AFC) can be extended to our KT/KST Mill, aluminum foil mills (4-High mill), other multi-high rolling mills (Sendzimir etc.), tandem rolling mills, and skinpass rolling mills.

KT Mill(12-High Mill)
20 mills
KST Mill(20-High Mill)
20 mills
Other Mill
49 mills
Flatness Indication Roller
100 rolls
Flatness Indication System
about 50 systems
Automatic Flatness
Control System
about 30 systems
(Including Flatness Indication system)

* Please consult us for further information.

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