MIXTRON BB MIXER One for Tires And Rubber goods

The Only One


KOBELCO is well known for the KOBELCO MIXTRON BB series of rubber internal intensive mixers. The MIXTRON BB series offers a variety of tangential and intermeshing rotors, allowing customers to choose the best rotor type for mixing their products. One of the strengths of the BB series of mixers is in the mixing technology. Trends in compounding tire and rubber goods are changing. KOBELCO has a strong and sophisticated R&D program at its Corporate Research Laboratories to develop new types of rotors to meet these new trends. KOBELCO’s tangential and intermeshing mixers are utilized in tire and rubber goods plants worldwide. Every tire and rubber goods manufacturer will find the most suitable mixer, in size and rotor type, in the KOBELCO MIXTRON BB series.

The Only One
The Only One


The Only One

Continuous improvement in developmentContinuous improvements in development

Beginning in 1905 as a steel castings and forgings manufacturer, KOBELCO took a major step into the machinery business by manufacturing high-pressure air compressors in 1914. KOBELCO has a history of over 100 years of manufacturing many types of machinery, covering many different industries. KOBELCO entered the rubber mixer business in 1931, and has continued to make major developments in the field ever since. Our rubber mixers focus on high productivity, ease of maintenance and a solid, heavy-duty design favored by the tire and rubber goods industries.



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