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KOBELCO‚ close to you Industry and Life

We contribute to power and gas generation, which are indispensable to industry and everyday life. We supply titanium for eyeglass frames, watches, automobiles and golf clubs. Our aluminum goes into making beverage bottle cans. These are just some of the examples of KOBELCO materials found in a wide variety of products that touch your life. In the city of Kobe, we are involved in the real estate business, constructing condominiums and office buildings.

Electricity and Gas

Products Used in Everyday Life

  • Natural Resources and Energy SavingsNatural Resources and Energy Savings
  • Energy and ChemicalsEnergy and Chemicals
  • ElectronicsElectronics
  • AutomobilesAutomobiles
  • EngineeringEngineering
  • Eco SolutionsEco Solutions
  • TransportTransport
  • Industry and LifeIndustry and Life