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KOBELCO is at work in the transportation field. The body of the high-speed Shinkansen (bullet train) is made of our lightweight aluminum alloys that dampen vibration. Our steel crankshafts power large ships. We supply titanium alloys for high-performance jet engine parts. Furthermore, our rubber-tired advanced urban transit systems are noted for their unmanned operation.

Materials and Parts for Railroad Cars

  • Aluminum


Materials and Parts for Ships

  • Steel Products

    Steel Products

  • Steel Castings and Forgings

    Steel Castings and Forgings

  • Welding Materials

    Welding Materials

Aircraft Parts

  • Titanium alloy for jet engines

    Titanium alloy for jet engines
    (Photo from Rolls-Royce plc)

Advanced Urban Transit Systems

  • Advanced Urban Transit System

    Advanced Urban Transit Systems

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