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KOBELCO‚ close to you Eco Solutions

KOBELCO technology is actively being used in the environmental cleanup and recycling fields, including water treatment, waste incineration, PCB detoxification and soil remediation. With damage from natural disasters recently becoming more acute, KOBELCO is helping in disaster prevention and disaster recovery, too. Contributing to a comfortable living environment, we are at the forefront of reducing noise and vibration.

Water Treatment

Waste Treatment

  • Waste Treatment and Recycling

    Waste Treatment
    and Recycling

  • Environmental Restoration and Recycling

    Environmental Restoration
    and Recycling

Public Disaster Prevention and the Urban Environment

  • Power Generators

    Power Generators

  • Natural Resources and Energy SavingsNatural Resources and Energy Savings
  • Energy and ChemicalsEnergy and Chemicals
  • ElectronicsElectronics
  • AutomobilesAutomobiles
  • EngineeringEngineering
  • Eco SolutionsEco Solutions
  • TransportTransport
  • Industry and LifeIndustry and Life