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KOBELCO‚ close to you Natural Resources and Energy Savings

We offer technologies that make effective use of unutilized natural resources. For example, our new ironmaking process turns low-grade resources into high-grade iron units. We have processes that generate electricity from steam and warm water discharge. From sewage sludge, we are able to extract gas. These types of technologies help to save energy. Through our products and technologies, we are contributing to lower CO2 emissions in numerous fields.

Harnessing Untapped Resources and Energy

  • ITmk3 Process

    ITmk3 Process


    FASTMET Process

Contributions to Reducing CO2 Emissions

  • Steel Products

    Steel Products

  • Aluminum


  • Rotating Machinery and Compressors

    Rotating Machinery
    and Compressors

  • Construction Machinery

    Construction Machinery

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