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ORV (Open Rack Vaporizer)

For easy transportation and storage, natural gas is converted to liquefied natural gas, or LNG. After transportation to a receiving terminal of a market country, LNG is temporarily stored in LNG storage tanks before use. The LNG is then heated and converted into ordinary natural gas by the LNG vaporizer, typically ORV, which utilizes water (mainly seawater) to minimize the heating cost and the CO2 emissions, prior to supply to end-users.

Kobelco's Open Rack Vaporizer (ORV) has a good reputation from customers for its technical quality and reliability as well as its dedicated support and services.

Since the first delivery in 1977, we have delivered more than 150 units of ORV. In 1998, we developed the SUPERORV™ through the joint development with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. It has 3 times higher gasification performance than conventional ORV, thanks to its patented duplex tube configuration, which suppresses the icing on the outer surface of the tubes and improves the heat transfer efficiency.

Process Flow

The main part of the ORV is the heat transfer panels (1), consisting of the high-performance heat transfer tubes made of aluminum alloy.

The ORV uses seawater as a heat source. While LNG goes up inside the panels (A) and seawater flows down over the panel surface (B), LNG is heated by seawater and converted to gas

Process Flow

Main Application of ORV

Vaporization of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
Vaporization of other cryogenic liquefied gas


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