Integrated Report 2021

The KOBELCO Group places importance on dialogue with all of its stakeholders. For this reason, the Group has been publishing integrated reports since fiscal 2018. The aim of the report is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the economic and social value created by the Group through its management strategies, business activities, social activities, and environmental activities.

We hope this report will lead to a greater understanding among all our stakeholders of the Kobe Steel Group's endeavors to restore trust and sustain growth.

  • Introduction
  • History of the KOBELCO Group
  • Value Creation Process
  • Distinctive Technologies, Products, and Services
  • KOBELCO Group’s Value Creation
  • Message from the President and CEO
  • Framework for Sustainability Management
  • Materiality and Indicators/Targets
  • Mission Story
  • KOBELCO Group Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021–2023)
  • Business Portfolio Management
  • Message from the CFO
  • Financial Highlights
  • At a Glance
  • Economic Environment by Customer Domain
  • Materials Businesses
  • Machinery Businesses
  • Electric Power Business
  • Technical Development and DX Strategy
  • KOBELCO Group’s Business Foundation
  • Messages from Directors
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Basic Environmental Management Policy and Framework
  • Medium-Term Environmental Objectives and Initiatives
  • Climate-related disclosures in line with the Recommendations of the TCFD (environmental management, CO2)
  • Metrics and Targets
  • Initiatives for Contributing to Society
  • Human Resources
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health and Safety
  • Communication with Stakeholders
  • Establishment of Responsible Supply Chains
  • Initiatives for Governance
  • Roundtable Talk Among Three Independent Directors
  • Message from the Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee
  • Corporate Governance
  • Directors
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Quality Initiatives–Trust Improvement Project–
  • Corporate Data
  • 10-Year Financial and Non-Financial Data
  • Results by Operating Segment
  • Corporate Data

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