Disaster Prevention Initiatives

Recognizing facility accidents, natural disasters and violations of disaster prevention laws and regulations as risks that have a significant impact on Group management as a whole, the KOBELCO Group is working on risk countermeasures across the Group.

Companywide Disaster Prevention Management Policy


Management Structure

In the companywide risk management structure, the KOBELCO group regards "prevention of facility accidents" and "strengthening preparations for natural disasters" as top risk and "compliance" as important risk. Chief officer responsible for companywide disaster prevention promotes disaster prevention management activities as a risk owner.

Companywide Disaster Prevention Management Structure

Message from the chief officer responsible for companywide disaster prevention

Daisuke Ogura

Daisuke Ogura
Chief officer responsible for
companywide disaster prevention
(Executive Officer)

We engage in disaster prevention activities with the aim of becoming a corporate group that is trusted by the community and society.

At the KOBELCO Group, disaster prevention activities are carried out according to three basic principles: prevention of facility accidents, strengthening preparations for natural disasters, and compliance with disaster-related laws and regulations.

Efforts to enhance the sophistication of our BCP in preparation for large-scale earthquakes such as the Nankai Trough Earthquake and the initiatives to prevent facility accidents such as fires and explosions which affects customers’ business continuing are important issues. We will focus on activities to prepare for these risks and take necessary measures reliably and steadily. At the same time, we continue to confirm will work to prevent facility accidents such as fires and explosions, and to confirm compliance with disaster prevention-related laws and regulations, aiming to be a corporate group that is resilient to disasters and that earns the trust of the community and broader society.

Initiatives of the KOBELCO group

Address by the chief officer responsible for companywide disaster prevention

Address by the chief officer responsible for companywide disaster prevention

KOBELCO Group Disaster Prevention Conference KOBELCO

We organize the KOBELCO Group Disaster Prevention Conference every year in an effort to share information and strengthen disaster prevention initiatives. We make effort to reduce disaster risk with sharing the case of natural disaster and problem.

Prevention of Facility Accidents

Handling of Facility Accident Risk

Recognizing facility accidents (fires and explosions) at production sites as a risk to be addressed across the Group, we make Group-wide efforts to prevent them before they occur. Especially, we promote check and revise both hardware and software countermeasure for the facility which has major impact to customers in case of fires and explosions. In addition, we will keep striving to prevent accidents throughout the KOBELCO Group by taking measures such as sharing information internally and externally; making thorough efforts to prevent recurrences of accidents, including similar accidents; and taking special initiatives in coordination with voluntary action plans from industry associations.

Strengthening Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The KOBELCO Group is proceeding with the formulation of a BCP, the basic policies of which are: (1) ensuring the lives and safety of employees, and (2) ensuring the supply of products and services to customers. As one of our ongoing initiatives, we have conducted seismic reinforcement and taken anti-flood measures according to the location conditions of each site, in order to reduce damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. At present, we are mainly working at further enhancing business plans for the restoration period.

Handling of Wind and Flood Damage

In order to prepare for wind and flood damage, which has been becoming increasingly severe in recent years, the Group checks hazard maps and other information to consider and systematically work on countermeasures to anticipated disaster risks at each site within the Group.

Compliance with Disaster Prevention-related Laws and Regulations

Disaster Prevention Inspections

We conduct document inspections and on-site inspections of KOBELCO Group facilities in order to verify compliance with disaster prevention laws and regulations and to minimize risks that could potentially lead to accidents.

We will continue to reinforce the disaster prevention management structure throughout the KOBELCO Group.

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