Disaster Prevention Initiatives

Recognizing facility accidents, natural disasters, and violations of disaster prevention laws and regulations as risks that have a material impact on the overall management of the Group, the KOBELCO Group is working to address these risks across the Group.

Companywide Disaster Preparation Management Policy

Companywide Disaster Preparation Management Policy

Management Structure

In the Companywide risk management structure, the KOBELCO Group regards “prevention of facility accidents” and “preparations for and recovery from natural disasters” as the top risks and “compliance” as a significant risk. The chief officer responsible for Companywide disaster preparation promotes disaster preparation management activities as a risk owner.

Companywide Disaster Preparation Management Structure

Companywide Disaster Preparation Management Structure

Message from the Chief Officer Responsible for Companywide Disaster Preparation

We engage in disaster preparation activities with the aim of becoming a corporate group that is trusted by the community and society.

The KOBELCO Group envisions a world in which people, now and in the future, can fulfill their hopes and dreams while enjoying safe, secure, and prosperous lives. To that end, we believe that we must work to strengthen our disaster preparation management, recognizing the need to prevent accidents that could damage the trust placed in us.

Therefore, disaster preparation management activities are carried out according to three basic principles: prevention of facility accidents, strengthening preparations for natural disasters, and complying with laws and regulations.

Efforts to enhance the sophistication of our business continuity plan (BCP) in preparation for large-scale earthquakes such as a Nankai Trough Earthquake and the initiatives to prevent facility accidents such as fires and explosions which affect customers’ business continuity are important issues. We will focus on activities to prepare for these risks and take necessary measures in a speedy and steady manner. Also, we continuously confirm compliance with disaster preparation-related laws and regulations, aiming to be a corporate group that is resilient to disasters and that earns the trust of the community and broader society.

Daisuke Ogura

Chief officer responsible for
Companywide disaster preparation
(Executive Officer)

Initiatives of the KOBELCO Group

Prevention of Facility Accidents

Response to Facility Accident Risk

Recognizing facility accidents (fires and explosions) at production sites as a risk to be addressed across the Group, we make Groupwide efforts to prevent them before they occur. In particular, we conduct inspections and reviews of both tangible and intangible measures for facilities which could have a major impact on customers in case of fire or explosion. In addition, we continue striving to prevent accidents throughout the KOBELCO Group by taking measures such as sharing information on accidents both inside and outside the Company, thoroughly preventing recurrence of similar and other accidents, and implementing special initiatives in coordination with voluntary action plans of industry associations.

Strengthening Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The KOBELCO Group is formulating a BCP with the following basic policies: (1) Ensuring the lives and safety of employees, and (2) Ensuring the provision of technologies, products, and services to customers. As one of our ongoing initiatives, we have conducted seismic reinforcement and instituted anti-flood measures according to the geographic conditions of each site, in order to reduce damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. At present, we are mainly working to further enhance business plans for the restoration period.

Finish line (Kobe Head Office)

Finish line (Kobe Head Office)

KOBELCO 1.17 Walk

On January 22, 2022, we hosted the KOBELCO 1.17 Walk (training to confirm the route to work on foot) to remember the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1995 with the goal of raising awareness of disaster preparation across the entire Group.

Employees walked from their homes or a designated railway station under the assumption that public transportation was disrupted due to a major earthquake forcing employees to walk to and from work. With maps handed out beforehand containing directions to their home, 56 participants confirmed the location of tsunami flood zones, convenience stores, and restrooms along their route in person. We intend to continue holding this event together with the training already held by the Kobe and Tokyo head offices in which employees walk home from work.

Response to Wind and Flood Damage

To prepare for wind and flood damage, which has become increasingly severe in recent years, the KOBELCO Group has been working systematically by checking hazard maps and other information and studying measures against anticipated disaster risks at each business site of our Group.

Compliance with Disaster Preparation-Related Laws and Regulations

Disaster Preparedness Inspections

We conduct paper-based inspections and on-site inspections of KOBELCO Group facilities in order to verify compliance with disaster prevention laws and regulations and to minimize risks that could potentially lead to accidents.

We will continue to reinforce the disaster preparation management structure throughout the Group.

KOBELCO Group Disaster Prevention Conference

We organize the KOBELCO Group Disaster Prevention Conference every year in an effort to share information and strengthen disaster prevention initiatives. We share information on natural disasters and related problems with the aim of reducing disaster risks.

Contributions to Society in Disaster Preparation

Businesses, Products, and Technologies That Contribute to Disaster Preparation

To strengthen preparations for natural disasters, the KOBELCO Group is developing businesses, products, and technologies that contribute to society. The main initiatives are as follows.

Item Company Name Description
Power generation business Kobelco Power Moka Inc. Our power generation business was selected as a private-sector initiative for building national resilience by the Cabinet Office (2015).
Vehicle-type mobile power station Shinko Engineering Co., Ltd. The vehicles are equipped with diesel engine generators as well as cables and equipment required for supplying electrical power, and can be driven to any location where electrical power is required.
High-strength bolt Shinko Bolt, Ltd. A product with high strength and tensile force used in steel structure joints of buildings, civil engineering structures, and bridges.
Structural analysis Kobelco Research Institute, Inc. Analyzes structures during earthquakes by computer simulation.

Disaster Preparation Initiatives Contributing to Local Communities

Some of the KOBELCO Group’s business sites have a helicopter landing pad for rescue operations during a disaster. Some business sites have also concluded disaster agreements with local governments to provide assistance in case of a disaster in the form of provision of supplies, temporary evacuation shelters, or water for firefighting activities.

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