Integrated Report 2022

Integrated Report

The KOBELCO Group is committed to dialogue with all of its stakeholders. As part of its commitment, the Group has been publishing integrated reports since fiscal 2018. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the economic and social value created by the Group through reporting on its management strategies, business activities, social activities, and environmental activities.

We hope that this report will help our stakeholders understand our efforts to achieve sustainable growth through the promotion of sustainability management.

  • Introduction
  • Group Corporate Philosophy
  • History of the KOBELCO Group, a Provider of Solutions for Society
  • At a glance
  • Message from the President and CEO
  • KOBELCO Group’s Value Creation Story
  • Framework for Sustainability Management
  • Materiality and Indicators/Targets
  • Value Creation Process
  • Business Model and Strengths
  • Business Model and Value Provided
  • Value Creation Examples
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • Management Strategy and Management Resources for Medium to Long-Term Growth
  • KOBELCO Group Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Progress of the KOBELCO Group Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021–2023)
  • Establishing a Stable Earnings Base
  • Message from the CFO
  • Enhancement of Corporate Value
  • Taking on the Challenge of Realizing Carbon Neutrality
  • Business Strategy
  • Economic Environment by Customer Domain
  • Business Overview by Operating Segment
  • Materials Businesses
  • Machinery Businesses
  • Electric Power Business
  • Medium- to Long-Term Strategy
  • Climate-Related Disclosures Based on TCFD Recommendations
  • DX Strategy
  • Management Resources
  • Communication with Stakeholders
  • Core Values of KOBELCO-Next 100 Project
  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Human Rights
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)
  • Safety and Health
  • Building Responsible Supply Chains
  • Quality
  • KOBELCO Group’s Business Foundation
  • Roundtable Talk among Three Independent Directors
  • Messages from Newly Appointed Independent Directors
  • Directors
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Data
  • 10-Year Financial and Non-Financial Data
  • Results by Operating Segment
  • Corporate Data and Stock Information

Reference material

Integrated Report 2022 Questionnaire

ESG Data Book

We have published the KOBELCO Group ESG Data Book 2022 to share our basic policy regarding the environment, society, and governance (ESG) and foster understanding of our initiatives and related data. This data book was designed to improve searchability and convenience, and contains all necessary information, based upon the GRI Standards, a set of international reporting guidelines, and the evaluation items of major ESG rating agencies.

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