Supplementary Material for Integrated Report 2018

Measures to Counter Dust at Kakogawa Works

Reducing Environmental Impact

As part of its environmental management policies, the Kobe Steel Group is committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing. We pursue this commitment on a variety of fronts—including improvements to sustainable manufacturing processes, updates to equipment, introduction of efficient state-of-the-art equipment, and introduction of pollution control equipment—to reduce environmental impact from soot and other sources.

Measures to Counter Dust at Kakogawa Works

At Kakogawa Works, voluntary targets for dustfall in three neighboring locations have been set at 3 tons/km2/month or less, with a variety of measures set in place to maintain this goal.

In fiscal 2017, this objective was not met from April to July at one location (Kakogawa Shinko Building). In addition to previous measures, we will strive to further limit airborne dust by increasing dust catchers and by installing elevated sprinklers at property boundaries and at the sources of generation.

Steelworks Influence Value (Kakogawa Shinko Building)

Steelworks Influence Value

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