Supplementary Material for Integrated Report 2018

Examples of Activities to Reduce Chemical Substance Emissions

Business/company name Location Activities
Kakogawa Works Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture Reduced release of PRTR substances by changing a portion of the cleaning agents
Harima Plant Harimacho, Kako-gun, Hyogo Prefecture Reduced amount and emission of VOCs by switching to water-based paints
Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd. Imizu, Toyama Prefecture Decreased emission of VOCs by increasing capacity of collection equipment
Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc. Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture Reduced emission of VOCs through improvements in the use of washing tanks
Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc. (KSBI) Ohio, USA Abolished use of cleaning thinner by switching to alternatives

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