Pursuing governance that supports sustainable Growth
We recognize that corporate value comprises not only business results and technological capabilities but also the fulfillment of social responsibility to all stakeholders affected by our business activities, such as customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, and local communities. Earnestly undertaking efforts to improve all these factors leads to the enhancement of corporate value. The KOBELCO Group pursues improvements in corporate value over the medium-to- long term with the Group Corporate Philosophy, which is positioned as the foundation for all its business activities
Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance Code and Standards
2000 Established the Corporate Code of Ethics
2006 Established the Group Corporate Philosophy
2017 Formulated the Core Values of KOBELCO and the Six Pledges of KOBELCO to form the Group Corporate Philosophy
2020 Established the new Corporate Philosophy of the KOBELCO Group by integrating two new statements of KOBELCO’s View of the Future and KOBELCO’s Mission into the existing Corporate Philosophy consisting of the Core Values of KOBELCO and the Six Pledges of KOBELCO
Compliance Committee
The Compliance Committee comprises three internal members and five external members (including the Committee Chair).
The committee develops plans for Groupwide compliance activities, checks the progress, and implements necessary revisions and improvements.

KOBELCO Group Compliance Program

Types and Definitions of Risk

Management Structure

Risk Management Cycle
Respect for Human Rights
KOBELCO Group’s Initiatives

As a corporate group that globally operates businesses,the Group respects the International Bill of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations and pursues its corporate activities based on international norms such as the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In order to clearly demonstrate our stance that respect for human rights is an important social responsibility, we established the Kobe Steel Group’s Basic Policy on Human Rights, which includes protections against child labor and forced labor, in October 2019.

To ensure that human rights awareness deeply permeates the entire Group, both in Japan and overseas, and to clarify our stance of not tolerating discrimination and harassment, we conduct human rights awareness training and have established consultation helplines. In fiscal 2020, we conducted anti-harassment training for all executives of Kobe Steel, and similar training was also held at our local subsidiary in China.

In addition, in March 2021, we signed the United Nations Global Compact and registered as a participating company. Going forward, as a company that endorses the principles of protecting human rights and eliminating unfair labor practices, we will continue our efforts to realize these principles by strengthening activities to respect human rights in our procurement activities, striving to identify human rights issues in our business activities, and strengthening our efforts to prevent human rights violation issues from occurring in the first place through the promotion of human rights due diligence.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety Policy (Priority Items)
Safety-Related Policy
  1. Develop human resources capable of practicing risk prediction and safety verification and steadily promote skills management
  2. Conduct risk management and promote enhanced safety of facilities and work
  3. Create a system that spirals up health and safety management and activities
  4. Strengthen and support the health and safety management and activities of Group companies(including overseas companies)
Health-Related Policy
  1. Further improve work environments through compliance with laws and regulations and risk assessment related to the management of workplace involved with hazardous operations
  2. Strengthen activities to prevent the onset of new mental-related diseases and continue early detection and response efforts
  3. Strengthen efforts to prevent cardiovascular diseases and neoplasm (cancer)

Safety Code of Conduct Based on the Core Values of KOBELCO
We follow the rules at the workplace and build trust with families and coworkers.
We value each and every one of our coworkers and care for each other.
We aim for higher levels of safety and security through continued improvement of workplace facilities and systems.

Key Objectives (FY2021)
Accidents leading to death or serious injury (involving three or more people at the same time): Zero
Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR): 0.10 or less

KOBELCO Group Initiatives

In addition, in fiscal 2020, our Company launched an initiative for Total Quality Management (TQM*) to prevent the quality misconduct from fading away, achieve sustainable growth and realize our Group Corporate Philosophy. In April 2021, we reorganized the Project for Restoring Trust into the Trust Improvement Project led by the President to implement the initiative across the Group on a full scale. The Project is composed of KOBELCO TQM Promotion Meetings and the Customer Trust Improvement Meetings.

Under the Trust Improvement Project, the Quality Management Committee, an advisory body to the Board of Director, continues to monitor and make recommendations from an objective perspective.

* TQM stands for Total Quality Management. As the next step after the completion of measures to prevent recurrence, KOBELCO TQM aims to strengthen the management of each business, while identifying issues that serve the needs of customers and society and addressing them with the participation of all employees.
Corporate Governance

We recognized that establishment of a system that contributes to the enhancement of corporate value through appropriate risk-taking, collaboration with stakeholders, appropriate dialogue with capital markets, ensuring the rights and equality of shareholders, ensuring transparency are important to us. We will constantly review our management system to achieve these goals.