Promoting active participation of diverse human resources
We will promote reforms in the workplace environment and organizational culture with the aim of creating a company in which diverse human resources can make the most of their individual abilities.
In addition, we will fully support the growth of all employees and strive to further develop their abilities. We will also actively promote work style reforms, including eliminating long working hours and encouraging employees to take time off.
Diversity & Inclusion
Activity Policy

We have been working to enhance the growth potential of the entire organization by encouraging people with diverse backgrounds and values to make the most of their abilities in the workplace. We believe this will lead to vigorous development of our business. As stated in Medium-Term Management Plan (Fiscal 2021-2023) as well as in the messages from the directors and executive officers, our Group has positioned the development of D&I as an important management issue and set forth its vision for the future, basic policy, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our Group will further strengthen its D&I development so that people with diverse backgrounds and values can fully demonstrate their abilities in the workplace.

Vision for the Future
Creating a work environment where diverse human resources can all play active roles

Each employee achieves self-improvement by demonstrating their own individuality and strengths.

“KOBELCO One Team” takes on challenges and creates new value from diverse ideas and experiences.

Basic Policy
Value unique strength of individuals
Accept each other's diverse individuality
Exchange opinions, deepen mutual understanding, and promote active participation of human resources.

Promote a variety of working styles
Create a workplace environment where employees can work comfortably regardless of their job types, restrictions in work style, or life stages.
Create a workplace that is highly motivating and fulfilling.

Take on the challenge of creating new value
Interact with and learn from each other beyond organizational boundaries.
Respect new ideas that come from different standpoints and ways of thinking.
Create a corporate culture where employees can take on challenges without fear of failure.

Organizational Structure for D&I Development

The Human Resources Department plays a leading role in D&I development activities and cooperates with various projects.
We have established a D&I Development Subcommittee and Diversity Network Team to strengthen cross-organizational activities. By doing so, we will further strengthen our D&I development activities

Fiscal 2021 Results
External Awards and Assessments
Awarded Gold for 2021 in PRIDE Index (index for LGBTQ-related initiatives by companies)
Declaration on Action by Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women, Cabinet Office / Endorsement of the “30% by 2030” challenge
Registered as a company supporting the Tokyo metropolitan government’s “barrier-free mindset” initiative
Received “Platinum Kurumin” certification in recognition of its support for child-rearing
Received “Hyogo work-life balance company” award
Work Style Reform
The KOBELCO Group's work style reforms aim to secure/retain excellent human resources, save time for improved workplace communication, and create a healthy working environment. To this end, we have been promoting a variety of activities, such as increasing the number of annual leave days taken, establishing work rules for meetings and email, promoting business reforms leveraging IT, adopting a casual dress code for some offices, and improving the working environment.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our employees were forced to change their work styles and conventional ways of doing things. In this situation, we are working to minimize the risk of infection by recommending safe working styles, such as telecommuting, staggered working hours, and active use of online meetings. Telecommuting and going paperless are becoming more widespread. We are now working to improve productivity by improving the telecommuting system, increasing the number of free address offices, and creating a workplace culture that encourages communication and autonomous thinking.
During the period of the new Medium-Term Management Plan, we believe it is important to improve the way we work on a daily basis by having all employees, including executives, participate and further improve the quality of all corporate activities in terms of business operations and organizational management, in order to realize our Corporate Philosophy. Going forward, we will continue to actively promote initiatives for strengthening our corporate competitiveness with the aim of improving productivity while pursuing a healthy work environment where diverse human resources can perform to the best of their ability.

Human Resource Development
Our Group's unique strength lies in having diverse human resources and technologies in a wide range of business areas, from materials and machinery to electric power.
The following initiatives are being implemented to ensure the active participation of diverse human resources under the framework for sustainability management.