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Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) Equipment

Widely-Accepted Equipment as an Effective Forming Method

Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) is a powder forming technology to compress powder materials into various shapes by applying uniform pressure. It is widely-accepted as an effective forming method in the fields of ceramics and powder metallurgy.

Wet Bag CIP Equipment

Wet CIP Equipment

Equipment used in various industries such as carbons, refractories, and ceramics.

Large-Sized Wet Bag CIP Equipment

Large-Sized Wet CIP Equipment

Designing and manufacturing suitable for your installation conditions and production plans.

Piston Type CIP Equipment

Piston Type CIP Equipment

Equipment to press a piston into the pressure vessel.

Dry Bag CIP Equipment

Dry CIP Equipment

Equipment suitable for mass production of limited variety of products with its labor-saving automatic operation.

Dr. Series

Dr. Series

Space-saving CIP equipment for researches.

Rubber Isostatic Pressing (RIP) Equipment

Rubber Isostatic Pressing (RIP) Equipment

RIP uses no liquid as a pressure medium, so it is simpler, safer and more secure compared with CIP.


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