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Piston Type CIP Equipment

Piston Type CIP Equipment


This equipment compresses the pressure medium by inserting a piston into the pressure vessel. Its structure is designed focusing on safety by removing high pressure pipings and placing the pressurizing cylinder on its upper part to lower the work height. This structure is applied to the units with pressure higher than 600MPa (6100kgf/cm2).

Φ100mm X 200mmL X 588MPa X -20 to 200°C

Φ25mm X 100mmL X 1470MPa(15000kgf/cm2)

Typical Specifications

Type Maximum Pressure Dimensions of Pressure Vessel
Inner Diameter X Height
P100 1470MPa (15000kgf/cm2) Φ25mm X 100mmL  
P200 200MPa (2040kgf/cm2) Φ100mm X 200mmL Max530°C
P400 784MPa (8000kgf/cm2) Φ80mm X 180mmL RT to 130°C


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