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Rubber Isostatic Pressing (RIP) Equipment

What is the RIP Method?

Rubber Isostatic Pressing (RIP) is a method to mold powder filled into the rubber mold by generating isostatic pressure by presssing the rubber mold set in a metal mold with a punch. This equipment is simpler, safer and more secure compared with CIP due to no use of a liquid pressure medium. According to data, the compression properties of RIP are almost equal to CIP.

Rubber Isostatic Pressing (RIP)


  • Fixing of the periphery of the rubber mold restrains its deformation, which assures products with high dimensional accuracy.
  • Isostatic pressure forming makes the product density uniform.
  • Simple structure of the equipment shortens the cycle time and improves productivity. It can also save the cost and the replacing time of metals molds necessary for the conventional presses.
  • The attached powder charging unit using the air tapping (AT) method provides uniform and high-density powder charging in a short time even for low fluidity powder.
  • Complex-shaped products, for which CIP has difficulties in mass-producing, are available in a short cycle.
  • For magnetic powder, orientation of grain direction before compressing makes the magnets more powerful.

Main Performances

Pressing Force Standard: 785 kN (Approximately 100 MPa in terms of Internal Pressure)
* Other equipment is available upon your request.
Cycle Time Standard: 30 sec.
* The cycle time and dimensional accuracy depend on products, powder properties, and the shape and size of the molded body.


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