Promotion of Diversity at KOBELCO

We will create a work environment where each individual’s personality, traits, and diversity are respected, and where everyone can realize their maximum potential and work with enthusiasm.

Kobe Steel believes that when individuals with diverse backgrounds and values sufficiently fulfill their potential in the workplace, this will increase the growth potential of the entire organization and lead to dynamic business development. We have positioned the promotion of diversity as one of our important management issues. In the Fiscal 2016-2020 Group Medium-Term Management Plan announced in April 2016, we stated that we would undertake activities to promote diversity.

In October 2014, we established the Diversity Promotion Section in the Human Resources Department. We will respect each individual’s diverse traits and help them achieve their maximum potential as we endeavor to create a lively workplace and company.

Our diversity promotion policy is part of the Core Values of KOBELCO and Six Pledges of KOBELCO Men and Women.

Promotion of Diversity

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