Envisioning a world in which people, now and in the future, can fulfill their hopes and dreams while enjoying safe, secure, and prosperous lives, our Group is committed to providing solutions to the needs of society by making the best use of the talents of our employees and our technologies, as stated in the Group Corporate Philosophy. Our new medium-term management plan, covering the fiscal years 2024–2026, is positioned as a start of our new initiative to create a business entity that drives innovation into the future, so that we can continue to be a corporate group indispensable to customers and society.

The previous Medium-Term Management Plan (fiscal 2021–2023) set forth two priority issues: (1) Establishing a stable earnings base and (2) Taking on the challenge of realizing carbon neutrality. As a result of our efforts, our Group has secured steady profits on a consolidated basis and has also made progress in our efforts to realize carbon neutrality. Meanwhile, we are currently experiencing significant changes in the business environment that we have never seen before. These include the use of AI, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), digitalization and other technological innovations, as well as the accelerating efforts toward a decarbonized society—possibly humanity’s greatest challenge. Faced with these changes, we must view them not as a crisis, but as a new business opportunity for growth, transforming us into a corporate group that is more appealing than ever before.

Our Group’s greatest strength lies in its ability to create new value through the integration of diverse technologies in a wide range of business domains and the unique talents of our human resources. Our diverse businesses, which appear to be separate, are actually organically connected with each other. This comprehensive strength is the source of our Group’s competitiveness.

All members of the Kobelco Group are unified as “Team Kobelco” and work together to create a business entity that drives innovation into the future.

Yoshihiko Katsukawa
President, CEO and Representative Director

April 2024

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