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KOBELCO Branding

~KOBELCO is the name you can trust~

KOBELCO is the unified brand of the Kobe Steel Group. Nurturing a sense of unity across the Kobe Steel Group, the KOBELCO brand is the banner that contributes to expanding the Group's global business.

As a name you can trust, KOBELCO, representing the Kobe Steel Group, is responsive to society's needs and is supported the world over by its stakeholders. As Kobe Steel moves forward, so too is the KOBELCO brand growing through commercials, advertisements and other promotional activities.

Kobe Steel Lightens the Car

Kobe Steel Lightens the Car

Advertorial in The Economist
December 5, 2015

Kobe Steel supports LEXUS TEAM SARD in Super GT Series


KOBELCO supports LEXUS TEAM SARD in the Super GT Series, an international car race.