Promotion of Diversity at KOBELCO

Activity policy


Kobe Steel has been working to enhance the growth potential of the entire organization by encouraging people with diverse backgrounds and values to make full use of their abilities in the workplace. We believe this will lead to vigorous development of our business. Our Company has positioned diversity development as one of its most important management issues, which is clearly stated in the KOBELCO Group's Medium-Term Management Plan, as well as in the messages from the management to employees.

Our Company has set forth its vision, basic policy, and numerical targets called Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for diversity development. We will further develop the KOBELCO Group’s diversity program so that people with diverse backgrounds and values can fully demonstrate their abilities in the workplace.

Vision for the Future

  • Each employee achieves self-improvement by demonstrating one's individuality and strengths.
  • "KOBELCO One Team" takes on challenges and creates new values from diverse ideas and experiences.

Basic Policy

Value unique strength of individuals

  • Accept each other's diverse individuality.
  • Create a workplace where employees can demonstrate their strengths regardless of their beliefs, nationality, age, biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, educational background, work experience, or lifestyle, etc.

Promote a variety of working styles

  • Create a work environment where employees can work with a sense of fulfillment regardless of their job types, restrictions in work style, or life stages.

Take on the challenge of creating new value

  • Interact with and learn from each other beyond organizational boundaries.
  • Respect new ideas that come from different standpoints and ways of thinking.
  • Create a corporate culture where employees can take on challenges without fear of failure.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPI Targets for FY2023

KPI Targets for FY2023

FY2022 Results

FY2022 Results

Officer message

Director, Executive Officer Hajime Nagara

KOBELCO’s Mission is to provide solutions to the needs of society, by making the best use of the talents of our employees and our technologies. We value, and support the growth of, each employee on an individual basis, as expressed in the Core Values of KOBELCO.

We value the diversity of our employees and help them perform to the best of their individual potential, because we believe that this is the source of our power to enhance the creativity of our organization and continue to address social challenges.

In addition, we believe that leveraging unique strengths of each and every employee will lead to creating a healthy and fulfilling workplace, which is a prerequisite for us to grow into a better corporate group through a united effort of all employees.

As a corporate group engaged in diverse businesses in global markets, the KOBELCO Group will actively develop diversity and inclusion in order to continue to provide value indispensable for society.

Director, Executive Officer

Hajime Nagara

Organizational Structure for Diversity Development

The Diversity Development Group plays a leading role in diversity development activities and cooperates with the Sustainability Management Committee and relevant projects.

We have newly established a D & I Promotion Subcommittee and a Diversity Network Team to strengthen cross-organizational activities.

By doing so, we will further strengthen our diversity development activities.

Organizational Structure for Diversity Development

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