Core Values of KOBELCO Next 100 Project

Aiming to unite all employees, create a corporate group full of pride, confidence, passion and hope, and achieve sustainable development, the KOBELCO Group launched the Core Values of KOBELCO Next 100 Project in fiscal 2017, looking at the next 100 years.

A key focus of this initiative is to further instill the KOBELCO Group’s Corporate Philosophy and to prevent us from forgetting the quality misconduct (namely, remembering the lessons learned).

The project is promoting recognition and empathy among all employees toward the Next 100 Project activities, as well as participation and practice by all employees, hoping that such actions of each individual will grow into the corporate culture and take firm root in the organization.

We aim to achieve sustained growth and contribute to the environment and society through our business activities, responding to the trust of our stakeholders, along with our efforts to instill our new Group Corporate Philosophy in all of our corporate activities, spreading it within and outside the Group.

Main initiatives of the Core Values of KOBELCO Next 100 Project

Dialogues between Management and Employees

President Yamaguchi and other senior executives continue to talk to employees at business locations in Japan and overseas to convey the meaning of the Group Corporate Philosophy and the messages incorporated in it, in an effort to proactively express management’s commitment to these initiatives and reforms to restore trust. As of the end of April 2020, President Yamaguchi has engaged in dialogues on a total of 105 occasions at 70 business locations inside and outside Japan.

Dialogue Platforms

Dialogue Platforms are implemented in each department with participation of all employees working at Kobe Steel and its Group companies with the objectives of (1) instilling the Group Corporate Philosophy, (2) remembering the lessons learned from the quality misconduct, and (3) promoting two-way communication within the organization.

KOBELCO Core Values Awards

In fiscal 2019, KOBELCO Core Values Awards commenced as an initiative to instill the Corporate Philosophy throughout the Group with an aim to promote recognition of activities that exemplify the spirit of the Group Corporate Philosophy and help nurture a better corporate culture.

KOBELCO Core Values Place

The KOBELCO Core Values Place was set up in a KOBELCO Group’s training facility in June 2019 for executives and Group employees to visit, with the aim of passing on to future generations the lessons learned from the quality misconduct that came to light in October 2017. As of the end of March 2020, approximately 2,000 people have paid a visit.

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