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Steel Castings and Forgings

KOBE STEEL employs an ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system and ISO 14001-certified environmentally sound production system in our ongoing effort to develop and manufacture high-quality steel casting and forging products to contribute to progress in industry and society. As one of the leading manufacturer, KOBE STEEL manufactures steel casting and forging products for marine and other industrial use, such as crankshafts, propeller shafts, ferrous and nonferrous mill rolls and so on. Our punctual delivery and high reliability of products have customer's confidence both domestic and overseas.


Built-up type crankshafts

Built-up type crankshafts

KOBE STEEL is the leading manufacturer of solid type and built-up type crankshafts. Solid type crankshafts are mainly used in medium speed diesel engine for marine propulsion and auxiliary power source. Built-up type crankshafts are used for main propulsion for large sized merchant vessels.


Marine Parts

Marine Parts

Not only crankshafts, numerous other steel casting and forging products, they are produced by our long decades experience and technology, are used for large sized vessels.


Heavy oil desulphurization reactors

Heavy oil desulphurization

KOBE STEEL manufactures material and components for chemical processing equipment using the world-largest forging press 13,000 TONS and specialized forging technologies.


Work rolls for cold rolling mill

Work rolls for cold
rolling mill

KOBE STEEL is one of the largest steel manufacturers, as well as a leading manufacturer of aluminum products. We produce various types of rolls and supply them to both domestic and overseas customers, as well as to in-house users.

Material for Plastic Molding

Material for Plastic Molding

Molding is the key factor determining the quality and cost of plastic products. KOBE STEEL contributes to progress of molding industry with long experience in research and production in this field.


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