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Multifunction antibacterial coating technology KENIFINE™ was developed by the Kobe Corporate Research Laboratories of Kobe Steel in 2001. With its recognized antibacterial and antifungal effects, KENIFINE technology has been steadily expanding its application fields. Initially, the main targets were food machinery, kitchen equipment and medical/welfare related products. However, applications have expanded to aquaculture (2005), grooming (2007), amusement (2008), foot care (2010), plant factories (2012), apparel (2013), judo tatami mat (2015), transparent film (2017), hydroponic materials (2018), and more.

The spread of the KENIFINE applications was due to the decision made by the KOBELCO Group not to exclusively commercialize the product, but to provide the technology to a wide range of plating companies that have plating know-how and understand customer needs. Along with the plating technology, other technologies utilizing KENIFINE have greatly advanced, including the development of decorative plating, alumite treatment, powder and roll coater film formation technologies. In addition, by using KENIFINE powder, the technology also became applicable to painting, spraying, printing, kneading, and other methods, and the fields of antibacterial processing applications have been dramatically expanding.


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