Hot Rolled Mild Steel Sheets for Severe Forming

Formability is comparable with cold rolled steel sheets.

This is the hot rolled steel sheets that enables severe forming parts to be formed. It has the same stamping performance as cold rolled steel sheets.


Steel Sheet Steel Sheet for Sever Forming Conventional Steel Sheet
TS-El Balance
TS-λ Balance
Aging Characteristics
Secondary Work Embrittlement Resistance

Practical Properties

Example of Mechanical Properties (thickness 2.3 mm)

Steel Sheet Steel Sheets for Sever Forming Conventional Steel Sheets
Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
Mechanical Property YS (N/mm2) 180 210 220 190
TS (N/mm2) 290 290 340 320
El (%) 50 49 44 50
n value 0.24 0.23 0.19 0.25
λ (%) 200 190 140 180


  • Oil Pans, and Arms of difficult-to-mold products etc.


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