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Basic Environmental Management Policy and Six Principal Initiatives

Through environmental management based on three corporate visions, Kobe Steel aims to be a leading environmental corporate group.

At Kobe Steel, we believe we have a duty to future generations to leave behind a healthy ecosystem, in which all living creatures can thrive. To this end, we have established a Basic Environmental Management Policy as well as six initiatives for implementation.

We strive to implement environmentally conscious environmental management during every stage of our operations, and have set up a dedicated Environmental Management Committee to explore and make recommendations on these six items. With participation by all Group employees, we are dedicated to becoming a leading environmental corporate group.

Group Environmental Management Structure

Group Environmental Management Structure width=

Basic Environmental Management Policy

Basic Environmental Management Policy

Implementation of Six Initiatives

  1. 1 Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Kobe Steel Group will continue the steady promotion of environmental management.

Koji Yamamoto

Koji Yamamoto
Chairman of the Environmental
Management Committee

Aware that environmental management is a necessary foundation for effective corporate management, the Kobe Steel Group implements groupwide environmental management both in Japan and overseas. The Group maintains a basic environmental policy consisting of three tenets: pursuing environmentally friendly manufacturing; contributing to the environment through products, technologies and services; and coexisting and cooperating with society.

Kobe Steel’s businesses have spread throughout the world. In order to remain a corporate group trusted by nations and communities, we will continue to pursue such environmental management into the future.