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Reader Responses

As part of its communication with stakeholders, the Kobe Steel Group gives a questionnaire to readers when it publishes its Sustainability Report every year. We received feedback, opinions, and impressions, such as those given below, from a wide range of readers regarding the 2014 report. We will continue to make use of readers' opinions in our future reports, in an effort to create a more interactive Sustainability Report.

Results of the Fiscal 2014 Survey

Results of the Fiscal 2014 Survey


Evaluation of the Fiscal 2014 Report

Evaluation of the Fiscal 2014 Report

A portion of the feedback received from readers is given below.

  • The CSR reports of every company are nearly the same. I would like to see the Kobe Steel Group's individuality [expressed in the report].
  • I think that [the Kobelco Group] is relatively active [in addressing CSR]. I would like to know how its CSR activities have changed over time.
  • I hope that the Forest Fairy Tale Prize will be an ongoing social contribution that continues to give dreams to children.
  • I would like you to say something about the connection between individual performance and sustainability.
  • I would like you to improve transparency and materiality. For example, I would like you to clearly describe your measures to prevent impropriety on the part of officers. That will lead to a sense of trust regarding transparency.
  • With respect to social contribution outside Japan, the topics of community cleanups and exchanges with the local community stood out, but were there no activities giving consideration to the issue of human rights in those countries? Depending on the region, it is possible that your trade partners are involved in problems such as child labor.
  • It might be a good idea to be more proactive regarding contribution to creation of shared value that brings benefits to society through your business activities and products themselves.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will use it to help create a better Sustainability Report.

Editorial Postscript

CSR Committee, Kobe Steel, Ltd.

In creating this report, we strove to convey to our wide range of stakeholders the ways in which the Kobe Steel Group contributes to the environment and society through monozukuri (or manufacturing).

In the report's opening special feature we reflect on the 20th anniversary (January 17) of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, summarizing our response to the disaster and the types of drills we have put into place since. Additionally, as part of our efforts toward CSV (Creating Shared Value), in our Environmental Report page special feature we introduce Group technologies and products that contribute to a hydrogen society. On the Social Report page special feature we take a closer look at the KOBELCO Cup, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Throughout the report we strove to make Group initiatives as easy to understand as possible through ample use of photographs and graphs.

We will continue to make every effort to use the frank and honest opinions of our readers to better improve our reports.