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Pellet Plant

KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process

KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process

KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process offers significant benefits to various worldwide customers in the field of pelletizing.

The process has been developed and is supplied by KOBE STEEL, LTD. and all customers have found satisfaction in KOBE STEEL's plant engineering, construction, high quality of products, excellent productivity, and low operation & maintenance costs.

The process has excellent features


KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process can produce superior and various quality pellets because of application of rotary kiln where pellets are heated and fired unifomly, know-how of plant operation & quality control, and advanced process control system.

And the process can use various iron ores such as magnetite ore, hematite ore, dry or wet material.

Furthermore, the process can use multiple ores simultaneously by using know-how of raw material mixing. Also, KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process can utilize various fuels such as heavy / light oil, natural gas, coke oven gas, and especially coal because of its excellent combustion ability of kiln burner (KOBE STEEL has been using coal in its plant).

Besides, KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process can utilize various additives such as limestone, dolomite, bentonite, hydrated lime, orgnic binder, even just water for improvement of pellet quality and balling yield. Carbonic additives such as coal, coke breeze can be also utilized for higher productivity.


In KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process, Heat treatment stages (Induration section) are carefully separated as Travelling grate / Rotary kiln / Annular cooler and each unit is expected to optimally carry out a specific process function. This increases the plant availability and reduces the requirement for spare parts, resulting in low maintenance cost.

Furthermore, KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process can save much energy (fuel and electric power) because of exellent heat recuperation and lower pressure drop of process gases by eliminating hearth layer.


KOBE STEEL is operating a pelletizing plant in its integrated steel complex in order to feed the various pellets to Blast furnaces. Through experience of operation, KOBE STEEL has accumulated various know-how of operation, maintenance, quality control and management of the pelletizing plant.

Furthermore, KOBE STEEL is using DR pellets in DR plant in Venezuela so that KOBE STEEL has accumulated users' know-how for both BF pellet and DR pellet.

KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process is supported by the abovementioned rich know-how and they can be transferred to customers through services, such as:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Plant Engineering
  • Equipment Design & Supply
  • Plant Construction & Commissioning
  • Management Service
  • Technical Assistance
  • Operation & Maintenance Assistance
  • Training Service


In the near future, it is expected that pellet demand will increase according to new construction of DR plants. As recognized worldwide, MIDREX DR process is well proven and operating commercially in this field. KOBE STEEL has owned MIDREX Direct Reduction Corporation and is developing best pellets for DR plants through deep knowledge & experience of DR process.


KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process

The origin of KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process is GRATE-KILN technology which had been licensed to KOBE STEEL from former Allis-Chalmers Corporation.

On the basis of this technology, KOBE STEEL, by itself, has developed its own process known as the KOBELCO-Pelletizing Process through much experience of construction and operation of pelletizing plants.


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