Kobelco keeps on providing welding process and welding materials to solve all the problems car manufactures are facing.

* Familiarc stands for FAMILIARC™, Trustarc stands for TRUSTARC™, and Premiarc stands for PREMIARC™.

Welding Consumables for Automobiles

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Welding Consumables for Automobiles

SE wire, Non-Cu Coated Solid Wire

SE wire and conventional Cu-coated wire

With Kobelco's original wire surface treatment technology, non-copper-coated solid wire offers revolutionary level of wire feedability and unrivaled arc stability.
The copper coating process is eliminated from the manufacturing process to minimize the impact on the global environment.


Coating scrap when using copper coated wire

KOBELCO's own copper free, special wire surface treatment technology offers;

  • Excellent wire feedability & stable arc
  • Low spatter
  • No trouble caused by copper coating scrap

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Comparison: Spatter Generation

Spatter ganeration

Series of SE Wire for Automobile

Brand Welding Process Type of Steel (MPa)
Chemical Composition (Example) Mechanical properties (Example)
C Si Mn P S Y.S.
CO2, MAG Carbon steel pipe / plate
(1 to 5mm)
0.07 0.49 1.02 0.008 0.016 443 541 28 110
MAG, Pulsed MAG Carbon steel pipe/plate
(1 to 5mm)
0.06 0.62
1.27 0.010 0.015 460 559 28 120
MAG, Pulsed MAG Carbon steel pipe / plate
(3mm Above)
0.08 0.35 1.06 0.009 0.011 460 540 28 150
MAG, Pulsed MAG Carbon steel pipe / plate
(2 to 4mm)
0.04 0.70 1.20 0.010 0.060* 430 530 31 90
MAG, Pulsed MAG Galvanized steel
Anti-corrosive pipe
(1 to 4mm)
0.08 0.60 1.01 0.010 0.006 440 540 31 150

* Although S content is higher than conventional wire, it is designed to maintain high-crack resistability.

Application to Automobile Parts

Application to automobile parts

FAMILIARC™ SE-A50FS: Beautiful Flat and Expansive Beads

  • Excellent bead contour in high speed welding, such as 90 to 140cm/min, without humping and undercut.
  • Welding slag is condensed in one spot, not dispersed, and low in quantity.
  • Its flat, wide bead shape is less likely affected by welding parameter, and more tolerble to deviated wire tracking.

Welding Solution - Galvanaized Steel Sheet

Welding Consumables for Galvanized Steel Sheet


Excellent Anti-Porosity Resistance

Excellent Anti-Porosity Resistance

Root gap 0 0 1 0
Welding powersouce Constant potential Pulse
Positon Horizontal 45°

Excellent weldability with root gap

conventional wire

Conventional wire



Butt joint (Thickness 3.2 mm, root gap 1.0 mm)

High Speed welding at downhill positon

High Speed welding at downhill positon

Excellent weldability for gap

Welding Wire for Ultra-High Tensile Steel

Feature 1

Applicable for various welding process, such as short circuit, pulse-MAG, and wire feeding control process

Feature 1

* Shielding gas: Ar+20%CO2, sheet: 980TRIP/2.0mmt

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Feature 2

Achives sufficient strength welded joint with ultra-high tensile steel, while general welding wire does not achieve

Feature 2

Feature 3

Achieves higher strength joint than spot resistance welding

Feature 3

Arc Spot Welding

Arc Spot Welding

Welding current: 210A
Arc time: 0.5 sec
Diameter of spot at lower plate: 4√t

Spot resistance welding

Spot resistance welding

Current: 4KA
Press: 440kgf
Welding time: 15 cycle
Nugget diameter: 4√t


Diffusible Hydrogen Content (According to JIS Z 3118)

Superior cold crack resistance due to low hydrogen content in weld metal

Diffusible Hydrogen Content (ml/100g)
1 2 3 Average
1.8 1.7 1.5 1.7

* 200A-300mm/min, wire extention 15mm (Ar + 20%CO2)

Applicable type of steel

780 to 1180MPa class carbon steel

* Mechanical properties are affected by steel sheet. Users are kindly requested to confirm whether the weld metal have sufficient tensile strength with steel sheet which they intend to use.

Welding Process to Improve Rust Corrosion Resistance

Click the link below for welding wire and process to improve rust-corrosion resistance.

FAMILIARC™ MIX-1TR -the Solid Wire to Improve Electrodeposition Coating Property

  • FAMILIARC™ MIX-1TS provides the weld with improved electroposition coating properties with the exsititing equipment.
  • Undercut is not likely to occur at the toe of the welded bead even in the welding of sheets with gaps.
  • Bead configuration is not likely to become convex even in high speed welding.
  • Stable welding with little spatter is possible by selecting optimum welding parameters.

Bead appearance comparison after electrodeposition coating
(High Tensile Steel, Lap joint)



*Wire diameter 1.2mm, Shielding Gas Ar-20%CO2 (Pulse MAG)


Bead appearance comparison before electrodeposition coating
(High Tensile Steel, Lap joint)



*Wire diameter 1.2mm, Shielding Gas Ar-20%CO2 (Pulse MAG)

Welding Wire to Achieve Less Slag


JIS Z 3312 YGW15, Shielding gas: Ar-CO2 Pulse-MAG welding

How to Achieve “Slag-Less”

Reduce slag of weldind bead with controlling flow of molten pool and bring slag together at the end of welding bead

Smooth Bead Appearance even at Toe of the Bead

Collect slag on the welding bead by balancing the power affacting molten pool


Shielding gas: 100%Ar Flux-cored wire for Pulse-MAG

MM-1S enable 100%Ar welding which is unable with solid wire

Minimized Slag Generation

100%Ar welding minimize slag generation with reduction of oxidezed gas

Smooth bead shape even at Toe of the Bead

Corrositon Resistance after Paint Coating

Conventional solid wire / Shielding gas: Ar-CO2


* Chemical treatment: immerding phosphastisation, Paint coating 25μm, Corrosion test according to JASOM609-91, 60 cycle

Welding Wire Specially for Wire Feeding Control Process


JIS Z 3312 YGW12 Shielding gas: CO2 & Ar-CO2


  • Reduce wear amount of contact tip by special wire-surface treatment
  • Stable of weld bead shape with improved wire feeding
  • Suitable for thin steel plates such as parts of automobile parts

Comparison of wear amount of contact tip

* Wire: 1.2mm dia, Welding parameter: 200A-25V-30cpm, 100%CO2, after welding for 1hr continusouly

Mechanism of Wire Feeding Controll Process

FAMILIARC™ MG-1S(F): Improve Coating / Painting Property by Reduction of Slag Generation

Reduce slag amount on welding bead which harms painting / coating, by collecting slag at the end of welding bead


Conventional YGW16 & Ar-20%CO2


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