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Environmental Management
Sustainability Report 2007

Kobe Steel Group Companies

Consolidated sales (in billions of yen)
Consolidated sales (in billions of yen)
Number of employees (consolidated)
Number of employees (consolidated)
Group Company Locations
Overseas Locations
Overseas Group Company Locations
Major Businesses and Domestic Group Companies
Iron and Steel Segment
Steel Products
Castings and Forgings
Steel powder
Group companies
Kansai Coke and Chemicals Co., Ltd.*
KS Summit Steel Co.,Ltd.
Kobelco Eagle Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. *
Sakai Steel Sheets Works, Ltd. *
Sanwa Tekko Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Engineering & Maintenance Co. Ltd. *
Shinko Kenzai, Ltd. *
Shinko Wire Company, Ltd. *
Shinko Kohan Kako, Ltd. *
Shinko Shearex Chugoku Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Slag Products Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Sohgo Service Ltd. *
Kobe Special Tube Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Logistics, Ltd. *
Shinko Bolt, Ltd. *
OSAKA Titatinum Technologies Co., Ltd.
Ceratechno Co., Ltd. *
Tesac Wirerope Co., Ltd. *
Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd. *

Group companies
NI Welding Corporation *
Ni-Kobe Welding Co., Ltd. *
Kobe Welding Wire Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Robotics Service Co. *
JFE Welding Co. Ltd. *
Shinko Actec Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Taseto Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Welding Service Co., Ltd. *
Shinsho Kobe Welding Co., Ltd. *
Hanshin Yosetsu Kizai Co., Ltd. *

Wholesale Power Supply Segment
Group company
Shinko Kobe Power Inc.
Aluminum and Copper Segment
Aluminum sheet
Aluminum extrusions and fabricated products
Aluminum and magnesium castings and forgings
Copper sheet and strip
Copper tube

Group companies
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube, Ltd. *
Sun Aluminium Industries, Ltd. *
Shinko Daian Sohgo Service Ltd. *
Shinko-North Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Fab Tech, Ltd. *
Shinko Metal Products Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Moka Sohgo Service Ltd. *
Shinko Leadmikk Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Aluminum Wire Co., Ltd.*
Toyotsu Nonferrous Center Corporation
Niko-Aluminium Industries, Ltd. *

Machinery Segment
Industrial Machinery
Environmental Business
Group companies
EarthTechnica Co., Ltd. *
Industrial Services International Co., Ltd. *
Aomori Technical Service Corporation
Kobe Heating and Cooling Supply Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Compressors Corporation *
Kobelco Sanki Service Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Air Water Cryoplant Ltd. *
Shinko Airtech, Ltd. *
K.K. Shinko Energy Service
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Inspection & Service Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Engineering Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Electric Co., Ltd. *
Shinwa Wood Works, Ltd. *
Transnuclear, Ltd. *

Construction Machinery Segment
Excavator business
Crane business
Group Companies
Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. *

Other Businesses
Real estate sales and leasing, electronic materials, information and telecommunication systems, superconductive products, medical materials, special alloys and other new materials
Group Companies
Kobelco Accounting Service Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Research Institute Inc. *
Kobelco Systems Corporation *
Kobelco Personnel Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Business Support Co., Ltd. *
Kobelco Financial Center, Ltd. *
Genesis Technology, Inc. *
Japan Superconductor Technology Inc. *
Shinko Care Life Co., Ltd. *
Shinko JFE Industrial Co., Ltd. *
Shinsho Corporation *
Shinko Human Create Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Real Estate Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Research Co., Ltd. *
Shinko Lease Co., Ltd. *
Twin Foods Co., Ltd. *
Japan Medical Materials Corporation

* Group companies subject to environmental reporting