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Metal Capsule Manufacturing Equipment

Metal Encapsulation Equipment for 'Dr. HIP'

'Dr. Capsule' is a machine to weld, evacuate, and heat-seal small metal capsules used exclusively for 'Dr. HIP'. With 'Dr. Capsule', you can manufacture metal capsules easily without any special skills.


Dimensions of Capsule Φ33mm X 50mmL
Heating Furnace Max 650°C
Vacuum 0.14 Pa(1 X 10-3Torr)
Dimensions 800mm(W) X 700mm(D) X 1300mm(H)
Weight 200 kg
1 TIG Welding Machine 7 Torch Holder
2 Turntable 8 Pipe Holder
3 Vacuum Pump 9 Torch Pullout Opening
4 Electric Furnace 10 Vacuum Hose Pullout Opening
5 Manual Hydraulic Press 11 Temperature Controller
6 Pressure Gauge 12 Switches

Metal Capsule

(a) Before HIP

(b) After HIP

Metal-Foil Encapsulation Equipment

This equipment is used to manufacure capsels using 100 to 300µm-thick metal foil. The features are as follows:

HIP Process with a Foil Capsule

1. HIP treatment of sheeted materials

It can apply HIP treatment to even a sheeted material without any distortions or cracks because uniform pressure is transmitted throughout the metal-foil capsule. HIP treatment of sheeted materials is available as uniform pressure is applied to the capsule due to use of thin metal foil for the capsule.

2. Reduction of capsule cost

The extremely thin metal foil (100 to 300µm) helps you reduce your capsule material cost.

3. Easy removal of capusels

Capsules can be removed easily with scissors after HIP.

Type Compact Type Standard Type Large Type
Dimensions of
Available Capsule
200mm(W) X 200mm(D) 400mm(W) X 400mm(D) 700mm(W) X 700mm(D)
100 to 300μm
Dimensions of
Vacuum Chamber
580mm(W) X 300mm(D) 880mm(W) X 485mm(D) 1580mm(W) X 760mm(D)
Dimensions 640mm(W) X 700mm(D)
X 1350mm(H)
1300mm(W) X 1000mm(D)
X 1200mm(H)
2150mm(W) X 1680mm(D)
X 1350mm(H)
Vacuum level 6.7Pa(5 X 10-2Torr)
Weight 500kg 540kg 1500kg

Application Examples


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