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Ultra High Temperature / Ultra High Pressure HIP Equipment

Ultra high Pressure HIP Equipment

Thanks to our excellent technologies, we have manufactured 1.00 Gpa (10,200 kgf/cm2) X 1600 °C and 980 MPa(10,200 kgf/cm2) X 2000 °C equipment.

1.0GPa(10,200kgf/cm2) X 1600°C X Φ70mm X 150mmL

Ultra high Temperature Equipment

We have successfully developed 3000°C-class HIP equipment, while measuring of 2200°C or higher had been impossible by conventional thermocouples. So far we have manufactured three sets of Ultra high temperature HIP equipment, and already run several hundred cycles at 2500°C or higher.

196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) X 3000°C X Φ250mm X 600mmL


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