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Compound Semiconductor Single Crystal Manufacturing Equipment

Appearance of the Equipment

It is required for the compound semiconductor crystal to perform lower dislocation density and enlargement of diameter for higher performance and lower cost. In response to the demand, we have developed single crystal manufacturing equipment using the high pressure vertical Bridgman (VB) method.

What is the VB Method?

Schematic Drawing of Equipment
  • It is a method to cool down and solidify materials that are melted in a crucible while moving down through a vertically set furnace.
  • Makes low dislocation density and high quality crystal growth possible due to low thermal stress on the grown crystal.
  • Requires no diameter control due to use of a crucible and wafers can be cut out with high yield ratios.

Equipment Features

  • Easy-opening and -closing of containers with a user-friendly pressure keeping mechanism.
  • Precise temperature control available by highly independent multi-zone heaters.
  • Structure with easy setting and removal of a crystal, and maintenance of the heating system.
  • Easy input of operating patterns with a man-machine interface.
  • Composition control of high dissociation pressure components by vapor pressure control systems (Option).

Typical Specifications

Maximum Temperature 1650°C
Maximum Pressure 9.8MPa (100kgf/cm2)
Crucible Dimensions Φ2 inches X 150mmL
Heater Type 6-Zone Highly Purity Graphite Heater
Pressure Support System Press Frame

Examples of Application

Growth Conditions
Crystal Size 2 inches
Crystal Growth Orientation <100> and <111>
Dopant S-Doped, Undoped
Pressure 7.8MPa(Argon Gas)
Growth Rate 3mm/hr

This equipment is suitable for manufacturing of various compound semiconductors including GaAs, GaP and InP (Group III-V) and ZnSe (Group II-VI). The following figure gives an example of the dislocation density distribution of GaP single crystal. It has been reduced to 740 cm-2 for undoped semiconductors and 10cm-2 or less for S-doped, which result in less than 1% compared with the conventional equipment (LEC).

Dislocation Density Distribution of GaP Single Crystal

We also design and manufacture other equipment such as annealing furnaces, material synthesis apparatuses and ultrahigh pressure single crystal manufacturing equipment (1 GPa-class).


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