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Standard Small-Scale HIP Equipment

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196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) X 2000°C X Φ190mm X 450mmL

Typical Specification

Type Heater Type Dimensions of Pressure Vessel
Diameter X Height
Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure Pressure Medium
SYS50X-SB Gr Φ190mm X 450mmL 2000°C 196MPa(2000kgf/cm2) Ar,N2
Mo Φ220mm X 500mmL 1500°C Ar
Pt Φ130mm X 450mmL 1400°C Ar,N2,Ar+O2*
HP380 Gr Φ250mm×760mmL 2000°C 200MPa
Mo Φ260mm×760mmL 1500°C Ar
SYS125 Gr Φ270mm X 500mmL 1500°C 98MPa(1000kgf/cm2) Ar,N2
Mo Φ250mm X 500mmL 1500°C Ar
SYS190 Gr Φ270mm X 1000mmL 1500°C Ar,N2

* Gr: Graphite, Mo:Molybdenum
* Ar+O2 : Argon + Oxygen, The oxygen density is up to 20 %.


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