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Higher Stress Relaxation Resistance Copper Alloy CAC™ 5

CDA No. 19040

Good Points

  1. Is the copper alloy which optimized the characteristic for terminals with a wire barrel.
  2. Has excellent stress relaxation resistance and is suitable for the automotive application.
    Is the copper alloy based on JASO-C400 class.
  3. Has good strength and equipment of phosphorous bronze (C5210) or brass (C2600).
  4. Has the lineup with some pre-tin plating products. Has the plating types of New Tin Reflow and normal tin reflow.

Nominal Compositions

Cu-0.8Ni-1.2Sn-0.07P (mass%)


1. Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 8.9
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (293~573K) 17.7 x 10-6/K Thermal
Conductivity (293K) 166 W/m.K
Electrical Resistivity (293K) 43.1 nΩ.m
Electrical Conductivity (293K) 40 %IACS
Modulus Elasticity (293K) 130 GPa

* The above are typical characteristics.

2. Mechanical Properties


Tensile Strength
Yield Strength



Vickers Hardness
MHv: 4.9N
H/SP 500~590 530 7 min 155~185
EH/SP 540~630 570 5 min 165~200

* Yield strength are nominal values.

* The above tensile strength and hardness are our standard specifications.
We will adjust these specifications by your requests.

3. 90°W-type Bend-formability (MBR)

Temper Good Way Bad Way
H/SP 0 0
EH/SP 0.2 0.2

* The above are typical characteristics.
The value slightly varies depending on the thickness of specimens.


Terminals and connectors for Automotive wire harness, Terminals and connectors for Consumers, Leadframe for mini-mold type transistor etc.


Not used cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), six value chrome (Cr+6), polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), Polybrominated biphenyl ether (PBDE) restricted with RoHS etc.


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