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High Strength and Good Formability Copper Alloy CAC™ 60

CDA No. 64760
High strength, Excellent stress relaxation resistance and Good bend formability.

Good Points

  1. Has higher strength than 580MPa, and can use for small terminals easily.
  2. Has excellent bend formability in comparison to other Cu-Ni-Si alloys. Offers flexibility in designing for terminals and connectors.
  3. Has excellent stress relaxation resistance. Applicable to SAE class 4.
  4. Has 44% IACS in electrical conductivity. It maybe suitable for the parts of higher current.

Nominal Compositions

Cu-1.8Ni-0.4Si-1.1Zn-0.1Sn (mass%)


Fig. Stress relaxation resistance of CACT60
Fig. Stress Relaxation Resistance of CAC™ 60

1. Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 8.9
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
17.3 x 10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity (293K) 197 W/m.K
Electrical Resistivity (293K) 39.2 nΩ.m
Electrical Conductivity (293K) 44 %IACS
Modulus Elasticity (293K) 127 GPa

* The above are typical characteristics.

2. Mechanical Properties

Temper Tensile Strength
Yield Strength


Vickers Hardness
MHv: 4.9N
H 600~700 580 10 min 180~220
EH 640~740 640 3 min 190~230

* Yield strength are nominal values.

* The above tensile strength and hardness are our standard specifications.
We will adjust these specifications by your requests.

3. 90°W-type Bend-formability (MBR)

Temper Good Way Bad Way
H 0 0
EH 0.5 0.2

* The above are typical characteristics.
The value slightly varies depending on the thickness of specimens.


Small terminals and connectors for Automotive wire harness, Terminals and connectors for Consumers, Inner-frame for Heat spreader etc.


Not used cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), six value chrome (Cr+6), polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), Polybrominated biphenyl ether (PBDE) restricted with RoHS etc.


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